quarta-feira, 2 de março de 2011

Vienna ~♥

Ok, I can't resist! Just need to tell about Vienna!

First of all, the train.
Nocturnal trains are comfortable, not that bad, but sleep is not really a good option there, since it stops in a bunch of cities in Czech Republic such as Prague, Brno and a lot of other cities that I can't even say the name! God, their language is CRAZY!

I had 12 hours of trip and than, finally, I was in Vienna, in a Sunday at 6 am, without hotel reservation, with 200 euros in the pocket and only with my backpack! A good surprise... the hotel I saw on internet was CLOSED! I walked a lot, looking for a hotel near the place I was, because I didn't knew Vienna at all, and didn't find any! After a hour walking in the cold, with snow, the hotel was open!!! I just ran outside and asked for a room, which they, for a miracle, had! Ok, first step done!

terça-feira, 1 de março de 2011

Sorry ~♥

I was without internet in the last 2 weeks of my trip, than all the hurry to come back and blahblahblah...
Anyway, I just need to have patience to make a huge post about Vienna and the coming back and than I think I'll close this blog to begging a new one, or maybe I'll wait for the reader of the new one to be finished and will close this one, without the posts, not sure, I'm thinking more on deleting without the posts...

Well... see ya, anyway.

segunda-feira, 31 de janeiro de 2011

Höflichtkeit and Serkan Kaya ~♥

Here I'm again, after a long time, to say about a thing that I'm impressed in this part of Europe... The courtesy!

People around here are very polite, every time, never saw anyone in a store or restaurant, or anything like that, being a complete jerk with the costumer, even when the costumer is a complete jerk.

But, to tell the truth what is motivating me to write this post were two events, one on Sunday and one that happened today!
First One: I went to see Hinterm Horizont, a musical based on a song of Udo Lindenberg, with Serkan Kaya as the main character. I want so bad to meet Serkan that I asked a woman that worked on the theater; I told I was Brazilian and that was, probably, my only chance. She was so kind, she told me that would be hard, because he do 2 presentations a day (I went to the first one), but I could try to go outside, in the backside of the theater. Useless a little, but I guess I'll try again another day.

Second One: I'll be on Vienna in few days and was worried, since I can't buy tickets for a musical there, my really only chance to see it. In a despair moment I wrote to the company, explaining everything and a very kind man, Mr. Knoedl, did a reservation in my name. So I can pay the ticket in the day of the musical and still I have one of the best places on the house!

In Brazil things like that are pretty hard to happen, this kind of courtesy between a company and the costumer and I'm pretty admired that here it seems to be a law!

domingo, 23 de janeiro de 2011

Museums and Snow ~♥

Hallo, Liebe Leute!

So, today I'm here to show some picture of the "Museuminsel" here in Berlin! Well, to start, Museuinsel is a place with 5 Museums to visit, they are all payed, but not too expensive, since you can buy a ticket for all the museums with only 14 euros and, also, you can pay for a ticket for 3 days.

Sasha and I visited 3 Museums, the Neues Museum (New Museum), the Pergamon Museum and Alte Nationalgalerie (Old National Galery), still missed 2 museums, but they are all so big and we were so damn tired in the end.

Anyway, the Neues Museum is dedicated to the Egypt Culture and there you can even find the Head of Nefertiti! The Nationalgalerie have old pieces of art, from Romanticism and Classicism, and some early modern and, the Pergamon have the Pergamon Altar, Muslim Art and a little from Babylon also.

sexta-feira, 21 de janeiro de 2011

OOMPH! Concert ~♥

Ok, no photos today, sorry...

The show was supposed to start at 9 p.m, but ended starting with an hour and 10 minutes of delay, no problems, but... first... there was a small band and a fashion show.
The small band was cool, the vocalist had a really cool hair and a good presence on the stage, but I wasn't satisfied! I WANTED OOMPH!

But ok... the show was ok, there was a pause, 10 or 15 minutes and than... Dero appeared with a coat and hat, beautiful!!! Than Crap and Flux!!! Both are gorgeous... GORGEOUS!

First song: AUGEN AUF. Awesome seeing they singing this alive!!! Dero has an incredible presence and Crap, even not having much expression and not moving too much, is gorgeous! I was near him in the stage and could not stop looking at him. 

I remember that they sung Labyrinth, Gekreuzig (old version), Sandmann, Träumst Du, Revolution, Mein Schatz, Fieber!

Funny Fact: Is that I was the only crazy one jumping, crying, singing, screaming, people here are just too still, unbelievable! I almost got mad at them, but that's ok, I did my part!
To close the experience... The last song was Wach Auf! and I was reaaaally close tho the stage, Dero was looking at me, in my eyes, and pointed while singing the chorus.

Was a small show, but after that we also had Billy Holiday. I saw a little and went back home with my friends, tired and happy!
Since it was a fashion show also I won few thing, including a small necklace with a skull on it... really cool!

Just to finish the post... OOMPH! deserves more of my devotion!!!

quinta-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2011

Sorry ~♥

I knew I said it was going to be a journal, but those days I was really busy!!! Tomorrow I'll update!

domingo, 16 de janeiro de 2011

Days 9 & 10~♥

Here I'm again to tell you about yesterday and today! From now on I think I'll do a perfect diary.

So, yesterday was the day to visit the Wall of Berlin and the Check Point Charlie. I always thought I would be strong in places like this, but I felt... oppressed in both places. They have a massive dark energy, you feel suffocated looking to a huge wall not allowing you to see the other side.

sábado, 15 de janeiro de 2011

Days 7 & 8, school and apartament~♥

Here I'm again! With moooore pictures.

As I said, the apartment in small, but it's comfortable. I didn't took photos of the bedroom 'cause I really can't stand up on my feet completely on it.

Small Kitchen.
Small TV and eating table.
Messy Living Room.
Stairs to the bedroom.

quinta-feira, 13 de janeiro de 2011

Arriving and day 1 to 6 ~♥

Well, I'm a little bit late, but there's no problem, I guess...
Starting with the journal!

 Taking the plane to São Paulo
My plane was late, no news here. Me and my mom just had to wait a long time before it arrive the airport, but, at least, we could saw a gorgeous sunset over the window.

I arrived in São Paulo and they decided to look through our baggage, it took almost an hour (or more), but at least we were able to get it and meet my sister that was outside waiting for us. From Guarulhos to her city was about an hour by car.

Taking the plane to Paris
This plane was on time... Was a comfortable trip and I slept a lot, since I wasn't able to sleep the days before it. Arriving in Paris was normal, but Charles de Gaule is too big and took me FOREVER to get on my gate. 

The last part... the plane to Berlin
Another late plane an hour... was horrible to wait, but I managed it. Few minutes before I was arriving on Berlin, more excited than never!!!

quarta-feira, 12 de janeiro de 2011


Ja, heute bin ich in Deutschland! Sehr schön! 

- Ok, voltando pro português.
Estou na ALEMANHA, finalmente! Depois de um ano correndo atrás da minha viagem finalmente estou aqui.
Cheguei dia 7, mas só agora tive realmente tempo pra sentar e postar.

Próximos posts fotinhas e provavelmente uma do visual pro show do OOMPH! que assistirei no dia 20 agora (sonho se realizando... oi/).

Bem, é basicamente isso por hoje, tou cansada, andei o dia inteiro, fiz minha tarefa e tenho que tomar coragem de levantar pra descansar um pouco e estar pronta pra mais aula amanhã!

A partir de agora o blog vai ser um diário de viagem e só isso.
Na verdade desisti de falar de moda, porque, talvez, eu tenha desistido de seguir realmente alguma moda, e preferido usar esporadicamente quando o momento pede ou quando eu realmente me sinto AFIM de usar (o que a preguiça não faz, huh?).

Depois que a viagem acabar eu vejo o que eu faço aqui, se deleto ou o que (vou abrir um blog sobre musicais, espero que esteja pronto logo).

Anyway, é isso... bis später! Bussi!!!