domingo, 16 de janeiro de 2011

Days 9 & 10~♥

Here I'm again to tell you about yesterday and today! From now on I think I'll do a perfect diary.

So, yesterday was the day to visit the Wall of Berlin and the Check Point Charlie. I always thought I would be strong in places like this, but I felt... oppressed in both places. They have a massive dark energy, you feel suffocated looking to a huge wall not allowing you to see the other side.

To find Berlin's Wall we went to a place called East-side Gallery, where you can find a really huge part of the wall, that is, today, used as a piece of art. 

The feeling of seeing that huge thing is...  disturbing, you can really imagine the agony of the people back in that time, but the art they had done in the mauer make you remember who strong the German people was to fight against this.

"The soul is like the traces of a bird"

"Politic is the extension of war with others resources"

Each rose represents a person that died.
Only 4 or 5 years without a death.

"Who wants the world to be as it it,
don't want it to be at all"

"The persistence of the ignorance"

Here I had my first not so good experience in Berlin. Not bad, not good, but ok. 
Checkpoint Charlie (Charlie = C) was the point to cross the border between both Germanies, East and West.

Today it's a touristic point and there's also a Museum that isn't really a good place (where I had the first ok expericience). Why? You can't take photos, there's no temporal line, the story was just... thrown there, without any reason, to tell the truth, although, you can feel the despair of German people, but I say that isn't a good place to visit, since you need to pay a really expensive fee to enter.

A small piece of the Berliner Mauer

Today the experience was lighter! We went to visit the Brandburger Tor and the surroundings. Really beautiful!

The Brandburger Tor was one of the entrances of Berlin, but now is one of the most famous touristic point.
Funny Fact? When you go by S-Bahn (Street Train) you need to stop on Unter Den Linden, but you won't hear this station being called, they say that you're arriving in Brandenburger Tor Station!

"To the German People"

The Dome between "dead" trees.
Here we have photos of the Reichstag. The place of the German Parlament.
It's really beautiful and, unfortunetly, the Dome was closed, so no visit for us!

This is the Holocaus Mahnmal, it's a really beautiful place, with all those black stones, of different sizes. Worth the visiting. It wasn't heavy at all, since we can forget what those blocks represents and just walk between them! 

After that we went to Potzdamer Platz to walk a little around the Sony Center!! SO COOL!!!!

Giraffe made out of Lego!

Tomorrow I'll come again!!!
See ya!

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