quarta-feira, 2 de março de 2011

Vienna ~♥

Ok, I can't resist! Just need to tell about Vienna!

First of all, the train.
Nocturnal trains are comfortable, not that bad, but sleep is not really a good option there, since it stops in a bunch of cities in Czech Republic such as Prague, Brno and a lot of other cities that I can't even say the name! God, their language is CRAZY!

I had 12 hours of trip and than, finally, I was in Vienna, in a Sunday at 6 am, without hotel reservation, with 200 euros in the pocket and only with my backpack! A good surprise... the hotel I saw on internet was CLOSED! I walked a lot, looking for a hotel near the place I was, because I didn't knew Vienna at all, and didn't find any! After a hour walking in the cold, with snow, the hotel was open!!! I just ran outside and asked for a room, which they, for a miracle, had! Ok, first step done!

terça-feira, 1 de março de 2011

Sorry ~♥

I was without internet in the last 2 weeks of my trip, than all the hurry to come back and blahblahblah...
Anyway, I just need to have patience to make a huge post about Vienna and the coming back and than I think I'll close this blog to begging a new one, or maybe I'll wait for the reader of the new one to be finished and will close this one, without the posts, not sure, I'm thinking more on deleting without the posts...

Well... see ya, anyway.