quarta-feira, 2 de março de 2011

Vienna ~♥

Ok, I can't resist! Just need to tell about Vienna!

First of all, the train.
Nocturnal trains are comfortable, not that bad, but sleep is not really a good option there, since it stops in a bunch of cities in Czech Republic such as Prague, Brno and a lot of other cities that I can't even say the name! God, their language is CRAZY!

I had 12 hours of trip and than, finally, I was in Vienna, in a Sunday at 6 am, without hotel reservation, with 200 euros in the pocket and only with my backpack! A good surprise... the hotel I saw on internet was CLOSED! I walked a lot, looking for a hotel near the place I was, because I didn't knew Vienna at all, and didn't find any! After a hour walking in the cold, with snow, the hotel was open!!! I just ran outside and asked for a room, which they, for a miracle, had! Ok, first step done!

I took a rest, saw TV for a little, looked for the places I wanted to visit and went. Asked in the reception about the subway and he showed me how to get there and the line I should take to visit Sisi Museum! Second step done!

Without major problems I was in front of Sisi Museum, took some pictures, walked a little more, asked for a man that was working in a souvenir store (the only stores you could find open!) about the Schönbrunn castle and he told me that in that cold it would not be a really nice experience and, something was talking to me, saying "don't go there!!!! Sisi Museum is enough for today!". I decided to follow my "inner-adviser" and the sweet man.

I went to Sisi Museum, payed and was looking everything inside. GORGEOUS!
Her clothes, her poems, everything! Wish I could see the REAL Diamond Stars, but they have only copies (ok, is a little danger to have 27 stars of HUGE diamonds in a museum).

Anyway, when the visit was over I bought a fan and a t-shirt for me and went to my adventure! Find the Ronacher Theater! Thanks god Vienna is a "small" city and you can find things even when you are fucking lost like I was!
Asked a gentle old lady that walked with me until I could see the theater and she explained me that Vienna is just like a circle, you can walk in every direction you want that  you'll arrive the place you need to go.

When I saw the theater I discovered that I would have to wait for 1 hour to be able to pay my ticket, because the ticket office would only open at 2 pm! I went to a McDonalds, used their internet a little and, when it was 2pm I went to the theater again. Didn't found the ticket office, asked to the guard, he told me nicely where it was and I went there and grab my ticket! 89 euros, but that's ok.

After that I went back to the hotel, take a shower, put on make up, dress me and went back to the theater (I got lost when coming back to the hotel). The musical was... TANZ DER VAMPIRE!

I was almost dying! Lukas was there, playing the most stupid character I've ever seen and than, Graf von Krolock was walking near me. My will was to scream "DREW SARICH, MARRY ME, PLEASE!", but he wasn't Drew, he was Alexander di Capri. I was disappointed at first but, after he started to act I just FELT IN LOVE! The most sexy Krolock ever!

Anyway, the musical was fun, Marc Liebisch is just.... GAY, like... TOO GAY, completely GAY as Herbert von Krolock, he even look at Sarah like "ewwwww, woman!!! DISGUSTING!".
In the end of it I want in the back of the theater and waited, waited, waited... Marjan came out and I didn't recognize her, but when di Capri was out... dear god, my heart almost failed and I, just as shy as someone can be, talked to him in German and asked a picture!!!

My face is the best here!
I waited a little more for Lukas and Marc... Lukas was already gone and Marc didn't appeared, was 11 pm when I decided to finally go to the hotel to sleep.
Used the internet a little and than slept. Woke up in the right time, did everything right but I lost my train...used the rest of my money to pay the new ticket and arrived in Berlin really late!

In Prague I found Brazilians there were studying in the same school as me in Berlin and we talked the whole trip, also I talked in a fail Japanese with 2 Japanese girls that were like... amazed because I could speak a little of Japanese!

Hah, this is the end of my adventure in Vienna alone! Can't wait to do it again!!!!

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