sexta-feira, 21 de janeiro de 2011

OOMPH! Concert ~♥

Ok, no photos today, sorry...

The show was supposed to start at 9 p.m, but ended starting with an hour and 10 minutes of delay, no problems, but... first... there was a small band and a fashion show.
The small band was cool, the vocalist had a really cool hair and a good presence on the stage, but I wasn't satisfied! I WANTED OOMPH!

But ok... the show was ok, there was a pause, 10 or 15 minutes and than... Dero appeared with a coat and hat, beautiful!!! Than Crap and Flux!!! Both are gorgeous... GORGEOUS!

First song: AUGEN AUF. Awesome seeing they singing this alive!!! Dero has an incredible presence and Crap, even not having much expression and not moving too much, is gorgeous! I was near him in the stage and could not stop looking at him. 

I remember that they sung Labyrinth, Gekreuzig (old version), Sandmann, Träumst Du, Revolution, Mein Schatz, Fieber!

Funny Fact: Is that I was the only crazy one jumping, crying, singing, screaming, people here are just too still, unbelievable! I almost got mad at them, but that's ok, I did my part!
To close the experience... The last song was Wach Auf! and I was reaaaally close tho the stage, Dero was looking at me, in my eyes, and pointed while singing the chorus.

Was a small show, but after that we also had Billy Holiday. I saw a little and went back home with my friends, tired and happy!
Since it was a fashion show also I won few thing, including a small necklace with a skull on it... really cool!

Just to finish the post... OOMPH! deserves more of my devotion!!!

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