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Höflichtkeit and Serkan Kaya ~♥

Here I'm again, after a long time, to say about a thing that I'm impressed in this part of Europe... The courtesy!

People around here are very polite, every time, never saw anyone in a store or restaurant, or anything like that, being a complete jerk with the costumer, even when the costumer is a complete jerk.

But, to tell the truth what is motivating me to write this post were two events, one on Sunday and one that happened today!
First One: I went to see Hinterm Horizont, a musical based on a song of Udo Lindenberg, with Serkan Kaya as the main character. I want so bad to meet Serkan that I asked a woman that worked on the theater; I told I was Brazilian and that was, probably, my only chance. She was so kind, she told me that would be hard, because he do 2 presentations a day (I went to the first one), but I could try to go outside, in the backside of the theater. Useless a little, but I guess I'll try again another day.

Second One: I'll be on Vienna in few days and was worried, since I can't buy tickets for a musical there, my really only chance to see it. In a despair moment I wrote to the company, explaining everything and a very kind man, Mr. Knoedl, did a reservation in my name. So I can pay the ticket in the day of the musical and still I have one of the best places on the house!

In Brazil things like that are pretty hard to happen, this kind of courtesy between a company and the costumer and I'm pretty admired that here it seems to be a law!

But, ok... I told about Hinterm Horizont with Serkan Kaya and this post is about it too...
Unfortunetly, no pictures by myself, but...

This is Serkan Kaya, a Turkish musical artist that works in Germany and Austria. 

This is Udo Lindenberg, the German punk-rocker!!!

Hinterm Horizont is a musical based on his song "Mädchen aus Ost-Berlin" (Girl from East-Berlin). It tells the story of Jessy, the girl that met and had a baby with Udo in the period that Germany was divided. It begins with her flashback while a journalist asks her about what happen. 

It shows also the terror of GDR, how people suffered back them and the crazy ways they used to scape (Jessy's brother escapes with a balloon! He was on my side with the begun to "fly" with the balloon), but also shows the happiness of people when, finally, the division was over. 

When this part arrives we can see the last meet of Udo and Jessy, very emotive, since he didn't knew about the baby boy and she was afraid. 
Few years in future they finally meet again, since Jessy's son wants to meet his real father. One of the best part of the musical is Udo and his boy "fighting", singing and dancing. 

Serkan as Udo, Jessy actress and Udo himself.
One of the most impressive thing is that Serkan REALLY can play as Udo. He walks the same way, he speaks with the same "drunken-voice" and in the end I could barely understand him (is very hard to understand Udo, even for some Germans). The way to stop, to look, to sit, were just like Udo's!

I'm a fangirl from Serkan, no doubt about it, but I didn't thought that he would do such a perfect Udo Lindenberg!!! I'm amazed and hoping to be able to see it at least once more before I left Germany!

The trailer of the musical. Udo sings with the actress and Serkan just acts as sexy as always =D

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