sábado, 15 de janeiro de 2011

Days 7 & 8, school and apartament~♥

Here I'm again! With moooore pictures.

As I said, the apartment in small, but it's comfortable. I didn't took photos of the bedroom 'cause I really can't stand up on my feet completely on it.

Small Kitchen.
Small TV and eating table.
Messy Living Room.
Stairs to the bedroom.

I have classes in a not really big classroom. Every Monday we have new students and, also, almost every Monday someone will leave us. Sad, huh?

A poster with a St. Petersburg picture
It's hanged on the wall of the class.
The view of my classroom. This is where I do live now!

Fehrnsehturm (Television Tower) is a really huge tower in the center of Alexander Plazt (or Alex, as the Berliners call it). It was constructed in the DDR (Deutsch Demokratik Republik) and has 368 meters, if I'm not mistaking. You pay 11 euros to go up there and you can see the whole city! Really worth to visit!!!

Ferhsehturm from a far view. You stay in the
ball you can see on the top of it.

A huge clock in Alexanderplatz. In the back you can read
a part of the name!

Rotes Rathaus (Red City House) from the top of the
Saint Nicholas Church.

Strained Glass from Rotes Rathaus.
Rotes Rathaus. No inside picture since it was closed!
Curry Wurst with french fries! Delicious, but to heavy!
Curry Wurst! It's a sausage cut in pieces with
Heinz Ketchup and Curry over it...

Tomorrow I'll post about today! First not-so-good experience in Berlin :(

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