quinta-feira, 13 de janeiro de 2011

Arriving and day 1 to 6 ~♥

Well, I'm a little bit late, but there's no problem, I guess...
Starting with the journal!

 Taking the plane to São Paulo
My plane was late, no news here. Me and my mom just had to wait a long time before it arrive the airport, but, at least, we could saw a gorgeous sunset over the window.

I arrived in São Paulo and they decided to look through our baggage, it took almost an hour (or more), but at least we were able to get it and meet my sister that was outside waiting for us. From Guarulhos to her city was about an hour by car.

Taking the plane to Paris
This plane was on time... Was a comfortable trip and I slept a lot, since I wasn't able to sleep the days before it. Arriving in Paris was normal, but Charles de Gaule is too big and took me FOREVER to get on my gate. 

The last part... the plane to Berlin
Another late plane an hour... was horrible to wait, but I managed it. Few minutes before I was arriving on Berlin, more excited than never!!!

Well, my first impression? Berlin is GORGEOUS.
My second one? I can say that Moskau from Rammstein played on my mind, non-stopping when I saw the dirty on the streets! Here the translation for you!

I was in the Ku'damm, one of the most famous shopping districts of Berlin, but too expensive, so I didn't buy a single thing, but walked a lot! Like, really a lot and, in one of the days I've hurt my knee and now it hurts like hell, but nothing to worry about, actually.

GLS - German Language School (Day 3) 
The school is gorgeous and I'm staying in their apartment. It has, in the first floor, a small kitchen connected to a small living room, bathroom, shower and, upstairs, there's the bedroom! Funny fact? I can't stand straight up there or else I hit my head! 

But ok... on Monday I did a test, talked to a teacher and was put in B1+ level since I asked for it.
Now I'm studying a lot. The classes have a different schedule on Monday, but basically it starts at 9 a.m and finishes at 12:30 and than we are free! 
Both my teachers, Uta and Rolf are amazing, funny, dynamic, but I can't stop myself... I've been tired since yesterday. 

Yesterday also we went to KaDeWe (Kaufhaus des Westens), a HUGE store with everything you can imagine!!! From CDs to brands of makeup and clothes!!! A magic place for a poor shopaholic as me!

The first place that caught my attention was the floor that had a lot of toys!! I found a giant bear and a lovely elephant!

 Also I've bought two makeup itens for me, but I'll do a review latter!

Today was great. After classes me and I friend went to Mauerpark.
Funny fact? There's no Mauer in the Mauerpark, it has this name because the Wall of Berlin used to cross the part, so... no Berlin Wall for us today, maybe other day (since tomorrow we'll visit Alexander Platzt), but, at least, I took some pretty photos there!

Melting Snow on the way
Berliner Mauerweg means Berlin's Wall Path

A bleachers filled with graffits, that are pretty common in this side of Berlim


All trees have a number, so they keep the track!

Crows! There are a lot of them here in Berlim!!!!

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  1. Que linda *_*~~~~ desejo muita sorte aí pra vc =3~~~~ Traga bastante notícias tá? *-*~

  2. Carolllllllllll muito legal as fotossssss, manda o endereço pra gente poder te visitar, via google earth!!!!